How to start with WP Photo Album Plus

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This post demonstrates how to start with WP Photo-Album-Plus

After installation and activation of the plugin do the following:

  1. Go to the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page, and press the button: Do a quick initial setup.
  2. Open Table 0 by clicking on the line with: Click on me!.
  3. Answer the questions by selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the Setting column.
    If you want a brief explanation, press the questionmark [ ? ] in the Help column. If you really do not know what to answer, just skip the question.
    After selecting ‘yes’ on setting #99, the page will be reloaded. There is no submit button, all changes are immediately processed.
  4. Go to the Photo Albums -> Album Admin page and press the button: Create New Empty Album.
    You will enter the Album Admin page for the album you just created. You can change the name and description here. Leave the other fields ontouched for the moment. There is no submit button, the changes you make are ‘auto-saved’. Near the bottom of the screen you see: Remark: Album 1 is not modified yet that will change into: Remark: Description of album 1 updated, etc.
  5. Go to the Photo Albums -> Upload Photos page and read the explanation in the yellow box.
    Note that there are 3 ways to upload photos: selecting multiple at once ( Box A ), selcting multiple one by one ( Box B ) and zipfiles that contain one or more photo files ( Box C ).
    Use Box A and upload more then one photo to the album you just created.
    If there is only one photo in an album, it is assumed that the album is not ment to contain photos, but to contain child albums only. Therefor the photo will not be shown in the album, but will solely be used as a cover photo. You can change the minimum number of photos, so you can have changing coverphotos for such albums. For more info: see the Settings admin panel Table I-A4: Photocount treshold.
  6. Now make a post or page with e.g. the title “Photo album”.
    Use the Text editor and enter in the text area simply the text: [wppa][/wppa] and save the post or page.
    If you use the Wysiwyg editor, press the Album cover icon: album and select at Type of Gallery display: A generic albums display. Tick the box Create new style shortcode and press the button: Insert Gallery

View the page or post you just created and you will see something like this:

How to start with WP Photo Album Plus

First album

This is the description of the first album. It has a € sign in the description.

Download album
Category: Demo

Album # 4

This is album four. It has (') and (") quotes in its description as well as html.

Download album


A contribution from wlukas
This album displays the thumbnails in the alternative size

Download album
Categories: Art, Demo


Fractals made by OpaJaaps program Fractals 1.0

Download album

You just created your first Photo album page (or post). Try the links, view the thumbnail images and the slideshow.

If you want to see a site with over 125.000 photos and over 520 albums, have a look at

Or a site with over 450.000 and over 3500 albums, see

For more information: see the Tutorial.
You should at least briefly read the Shortcode reference to become aware of the myriad of possibilities and features of wppa+

This site runs a child theme of TwentyTen, you can download it here

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Comten test

Comten test Recently commented photos
admin wrote 2 months:

En weer een. 😆

admin wrote 2 years:


admin wrote 4 months:


bronek wrote 5 months:

I have one qustetion. Is it option to show some photo from a gallery "Best of Photo" instead album authors? In my page when I add photo all albums are sign by me but there are photos from my authors which they send me photo on my email.

admin wrote 9 months:

@ bronek: You are absolutely right.
I put it on the wishlist

bronek wrote 9 months:

why when you comment photo in widget "Comments on Photos" show 2 or 3 same photo which last coment by other users. I think it must be change. For example when 9 users comment the same photo in this widget will be 9 thumbnail this same photo.

bronek wrote 10 months:

test from Poland

digifoto4you wrote 1 year:

voor meer HDR zie

Bronze medal
admin wrote 1 year:

Gemaakt in Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam

admin wrote 2 years:

Ain't he sweet

Opa Jaap wrote 1 year:

Dit is Pasja, de kat, nou ja... een rooie jeweetwelkater.

Opa Jaap wrote 1 year:

Dit is mijn lieve hondje Kimmy, gefotografeerd toen ze nog héél klein was ( twee maanden ongeveer ).
Ik ga elke dag zeker vier, maar meestal vijf keer met haar wandelen.
Vroeger was ik een hondenhater - ik ben een echt poezenmens - maar, ik kan je - en óók Midas Dekkers - vertellen dat je versteld staat van hoeveel je van zo'n beestje gaat houden! :smile:

Bronze medal
admin wrote 2 years:

Testing pseudo album #comten

OpaJaap wrote 2 years:

Mooie Buddha

Bronze medal
admin wrote 2 years:

This is a test comment

Bronze medal
TESTTEST wrote 2 years:


Opa Jaap Zelf wrote 4 years:

Spannend!!!, Heel spannend

Bronze medal
Pagan wrote 3 years:

Ok forget my previous comment. It now works brilliantly !!!!! It was a conflict with a 'related posts' plugin, which has now been deleted :) Thank you for WPPA+ I'm running WPMultisite and buddypress. Everyone now gets their own albums and it's so much easier to implement than nextgen.

Giuseppe wrote 3 years:

How can I display something like "Top Ten systemwide" customizing waht appears (photo name, ...). I cannot find doc . Thank you

shriklant wrote 3 years:

wow it looks very fantastic just look very clearlt

OpaJaap wrote 4 years:

Dit is een ambtenaaar die de ov chip gaat repareren.

admin wrote 3 years:

You use a different lightbox plugin. Ask the lightbox plugin builder.

Marios Tsiartas wrote 3 years:

Hello again :) Long time since we talked :) I am using the lightbox thing from the plugin. When i click the first large photo it opens in lightbox ok. when i click next photo and click the large image to go to lightbox view again, it just shows the picture outside of the website, it goes directly to the picture path on my server. Can you please see that?

sager wrote 3 years:

I can post the comment without filling my email, how is that implemented?

Opa wrote 3 years:

Kommentaar zonder email

admin wrote 3 years:

Mooie eend!

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