Part 1: Grant an album

See the settings in Table IX-D9, 10 and 11.


If Owners Only has been checked in Table VII-D1, and you check Table IX-D9, for all users who have upload rights and are not yet the owner of an album, an empty 'default' album will be created as soon as the user logs in.

The users do not need to have album admin rights.

If you enable this feature, you can specify a parent album. In this example, I created the album 'Members' and set it as the parent album in Table IX-D11.

The shortcode on this page is:
[wppa type="album" album="$Members"][/wppa] (equivalent to [wppa type="album" album="66"][/wppa]).
And I logged in as opajaap, and uploaded a few photos.

Table VII-B7 is checked, so, if you do the same as 'opajaap', remember that i have to moderate your uploads when i am logged in as admin. You can see your own uploads if you upload a minimum of 2, because the treshold value is set to 1 in Table I-A4.

You can edit your own photos if Table VII-D2( Uploader Edit ) is checked.

[wppa type="album" album="$Members"][/wppa] displayes the content ( type="album" ) of album Members ( album="$Members" ), being a list of album covers: the sub-albums of Members, i.e. the 'granted' member albums:

Members Members


Default photo album for airbase1

Download album


Default photo album for denfr. Some photos from french riviera

Download album


Default photo album for digifoto4you

Download album


Default photo album for imranansari

Download album

John Demo

Default photo album for John Demo

Download album

Mary Demo

Default photo album for Mary Demo

Download album


Default photo album for mauhashi

Download album


Default photo album for petro23

Download album


Default photo album for phildef

Download album


Default photo album for photographer

Download album

Part 2: Owner related shortcodes

Note: If you are not logged in, you will see no photos or albums in this section.
If you do not have an account, get one by registering (requests will be moderated) or login as John Demo, pw: johndemopa$$ or Mary Demo, pw: marydemopa$$. Please do not change the passwords.

2.1: #owner

To display the albums and/or photos of the currently logged in user, a special extension to the more general shortcode to display albums or photos owned by a certain user has been implemented.
In stead of specifying the username in album="#owner,username{,parent}", one can now use the special keyword #me, meaning: the currently logged in user.

The following shortcode displays the cover(s) ( type="cover" ) of the album(s) owned by the currently logged in user, that are sub-albums of album 66 ( album="#owner,#me,66" ).
If you want top-level albums, omit the parent number ( ,66 ) or replace by ,0

[wppa type="cover" album="#owner,#me,66"][/wppa] ( 66 is the album Members ) produces:

Since 5.2.20 you may also use the parents album name ( is case sensitive!! ) like:
[wppa type="cover" album="#owner,#me,$Members"][/wppa]

Note: The photos in the albums shown here need not to be uploaded by the same user, it is the album owner that counts in this shortcode. #owner is not a virtaul album, but a placeholder for one or more physicly existent albums. If you use type="album" or type="slide" etc. here, you will get the photos of the albums that are owned by the given user.

2.2: #upldr

If you want to see the photos uploaded by a certain user ( that not necessairely reside inside albums owned by the same user ) there is a new virtual album type: #upldr.

The following shorcode displays the content ( type="album" ) of the virtual album #upldr of the owner ( uploader ) that is currently logged in ( album="#upldr,#me" ).
If you want a dedicated uploader, use a login name in stead of #me

[wppa type="album" album="#upldr,#me"][/wppa] produces: