How to start with WP Photo Album Plus

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This post demonstrates how to start with WP Photo-Album-Plus. After installation of the plugin do the following: In order to make sure that the directory …/wp-content/uploads exists, upload a simple image by using the ‘Add an image’ button on top of the edit area of the ‘Edit Post’ admin page if you did this not before.

There must be something in the upload directory

Then create at least one album and upload or import more then one photo to it. If there is only one photo in an album, it is assumed that the album is not ment to contain photos, but to contain child albums only. Therefor the photo will not be shown in the album, but will solely be used as a cover photo. You can change the minimum number of photos, so you can have changing coverphotos for such albums. For more info: see the Settings admin panel: Photocount treshold. Now make a post or page with e.g. the title “Photo album”.
Enter in the text area simply the text: [wppa][/wppa] and save the post or page. View the page or post and you will see something like this:

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Child album

This is a child album
It's parent is "Second album"


Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures.
All these pictures are from the book 'Microcosmos', created by Brandon Brill from London.

Public Album

This album has set the owner to be
--- public ---
Once you are logged in, you can upload a picture and select a watermark to be added if you like.

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You just created your first Photo album page (or post). Try the links, view the thumbnail images and the slideshow.

Now, it is most likely that you want to configure WPPA+ to your requirements. Go to the Photo ALbus -> Settings admin page, and press the ‘Quick Setup’ button, follow the instructions and answer the yes/no questions. This will do the most importans settings for you.

If you want to see a site with over 125.000 photos and over 520 albums, have a look at

Or a site with over 409.000 and over 3100 albums, see

For more information: see the Tutorial.

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