RSS Test 12 U

I think it will be ok before test #13.

This is how an Album Cover shows in the feed:

RSS Test 12 U Second album Child album

Child album

This is a child album
It's parent is "Second album"

Download album

And now: The Album contents:
RSS Test 12 U Second album Child album
2130.jpg (admin)
Camera info
Views: 625 times
Rating: 4.00
Views: 625
2129.jpg (admin)
Camera info
Views: 450 times
Rating: 3.00
Views: 450
2128.jpg (admin)
Camera info
Views: 445 times
Views: 445
Afb005.jpg (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 384 times
Rating: 5.00
Views: 384
HPIM0565 (Small).jpg (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 258 times
Rating: 2.89
Views: 258
HPIM1865.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 213 times
Rating: 2.67
Views: 213
HPIM1866.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 171 times
Rating: 3.29
Views: 171
HPIM1867.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 169 times
Rating: 3.33
Views: 169
HPIM1870.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 140 times
Rating: 1.86
Views: 140
HPIM1868.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 134 times
Rating: 4.00
Views: 134
HPIM1871.JPG (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 5942 times
Rating: 2.33
Views: 5942
Bronze medal
Vliegenzwam (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 5989 times
Rating: 3.92
Views: 5989
HPIM0563 (Small).jpg (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 3545 times
Rating: 3.33
Views: 3545
HPIM0566 (Small).jpg (Opa Jaap)
Camera info
Views: 220 times
Rating: 3.60
Views: 220

And now: The Slideshow:
RSS Test 12 U

First album

This is the description of the first album. It has a € sign in the description.

Download album
Category: Demo

Album # 4

This is album four. It has (') and (") quotes in its description as well as html.

Download album


A contribution from wlukas
This album displays the thumbnails in the alternative size

Download album
Categories: Demo, Art


Fractals made by OpaJaaps program Fractals 1.0

Download album

And a single picture:

That’s all folks!

I told you it would be ready before test #13, didn’t I?

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