Shortcodes and scripts

There are two ways to get albums and photos displayed in your posts and pages: shortcodes and scripting.

New features may be implemented for the shortcode method only. It is therefor strongly recommended to use the new shortcode method. As per version 5.4 the development of scripting method is frozen and just maintained for backward compatibility reasons.

Although most features are possible with both methods, there are a few technical differences.

Both methods can be mixed. It is recommended to use the new shortcode method for new sites. However there may be problems in combination with other plugins and/or with certain themes.

Shortcode generator

If you use the Visual editor to create posts and pages, you can simply push the album button: Make the selections you want and press the Insert shortcode button.

Detailed info

If you want to know how it works, or you want to know how to modify existing shortcodes or scripts, here is the documentation:

Full documentation of the shortcode method

Full documentation of the scripting method

Differences between shortcodes and scripting

The scripting codes are rendered to the required html to display photos and slideshows with the priority set in Table IX-A5: WPPA+ Filter priority. Default 1001. The higher the number the later in the process of generation the pages html, the wppa+ code is generated.

Standard wp processes run at priority 10. Other plugins may filter the pages data at other (higher = later) priorities and thereby modify (mostly means: damage) the wppa+ code.
To prevent this, the default priority setting is very high: 1001.

The new shortcode method renderes the html for wppa+ while wp ( the theme ) executes do_shortcode(), what is done at filter priority 11. In any case later than wpautop() whics is the most likely source for damaging wppa+ code.
If a theme or another plugin executes wpautop() a second time, at a later stage (higher priority) thais may cause problems. In such cases, it is recommended to use the 'classic' scripting code, using %%wppa%%.