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Note: This page is for demonstration purposes only. You can not buy anything on this site.

Thanx to the co-operation with Ben Luey who created the plugin Simple Cart & Buy Now there is a way to integrate a shopping cart system with wppa+.

This page demonstrates how it works.


  • WPPA+ version 5.2.8 or later
  • SCABN version 2.1.1 or later
  • Table IX-B1: Allow HTML checked
  • Table IX-J1 and/or J2: Foreign shortcodes checked
  • Table IX-J7: Use SCABN checked

Read the documentation of SCABN on how to configure it. Use the shortcode [scabn] for the checkout page, but use the shortcode [cart] in photo descriptions. The shortcode [cart] is a special version of [scabn], modified for optimal co-operation with wppa+. Especially: the name of the product is the name of the photo by default, but may be overruled by name="Any product name". Even more important: the callback urls ( where you get after hitting the Buy-button ) is where you came from, even when it was in the middle of a slideshow. Also, the product urls ( when you want to go back to the photo ) lead to a single image in the style of a slideshow.

The Photo Names and Photo Descriptions of the three demo articles are:

[:nl]Houtschroef[:en]Woodscrew Kozijnschroef [:nl]Staalspijker[:en]Steel nail
[cart options="5 x 80:0.7,5 x 100:0.95,5 x 120:1.15"] <!--:nl-->[cart options="Wit,Grijs,Bruin" price="1.05"]<!--:-->
<!--:en-->[cart options="White,Gray,Brown" price="1.05"]<!--:-->
[cart price="0.06" qty_field="yes" b_title="<!--:nl-->Koop<!--:--><!--:en-->Buy<!--:-->"]

As you can see: this part of the simple cart and buy now mechanism is localized and compatible with qTranslate. The SCABN plugin is currently being worked upon to get it compatible.

The first footer widget area contains the SCABN cart widget, showing what you have bought so far.

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This album contains examples to be used in the Simple Cart and Buy Now documentation page
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This album contains examples to be used in the Simple Cart and Buy Now documentation page
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