How to translate wppa+

This page is obsolete per version 6.3.0.
Translations are going to be automaticly generated by the wp polyglot team.
The plugin wppa-admin-language-pack is also obsolete per version 6.3.0 and no longer supported.

If you want to translate wppa+ to your local language, follow the next steps.

  • Find out what your 'locale' is.
    A locale is the internal used 'abbreviation' for your language.
    In most cases, this consists of two abbreviations, one being the internationally standard language code, and the second being a further specification of the language. This system makes it possible to distinguish betwen US english and UK english for example, or between various implementations of Spanish.
    You can find your locale in your wp-config.php file; look for a line like this:
    define ('WPLANG', 'nl_NL');
    In this example nl_NL is the 'locale'. It stands for Netherlands, and Dutch as spoken in the Netherlands.
    In some countries, only the international language code is given, in my case it would be nl.
  • Get the program Poedit.
    Poedit is a program that enables you to translate the pre-programmed words and sentences in the software. You can download it from here. Do so and install it.
  • Find the files for translation.
    If you installed the plugin from the plugins admin page, use an ftp program to download it to your local computer, or download the current version from the WPPA+ Plugin page and unzip it.
    Navigate to the directory wp-photo-album-plus/langs/
    You will see a lot of files, basically two categories: those whose name starts with wppa- and those whose name start with wppa_theme-.
    Look if your langage files are there, i.e. look for the names that are like wppa-[your locale].po and wppa_theme-[your locale].po.
    If you do find them, it is most likely that they are from an old revision and not updated recently, otherwise you would already experience wppa+ to be neatly in your language.
    If you do not find them, change the names of wppa-xx_YY.po and wppa_theme-xx_YY.po into wppa-[your locale].po and wppa_theme-[your locale].po respectively.
    The wppa- file contains all the words/sentences for the admin pages while the wppa_theme- file contans only the words/sentences that are visible to your visitors. It is most likely that you want this file to be translated first, or even you are confident with that translation only. Sentences that are not translated will be displayed in the original (english) language.
    As per version 3.0.3 the wppa_theme- file contans only 48 phrases, while the wppa- file has 807.
  • Translate!
    Open 'your' file with poedit, you will see something like this:

    In the left column you will see the untranslated 'source' text, in the right column you will se your translations. Simply click on an untranslated sentence and type the translation into the lowest partial window.
    When done, press Save (the second icon with the down arrow) or select the File -> Save menuitem or press CTRL+S.

  • Install the translation.
    As soon as you save the file, it will also create a file with the extension .mo
    If it does not save the .mo, make sure the corresponding checkbox is checked in the Files -> Settings -> Editor preferences settings:

    The .mo file will actually be used by wp, it is the machine object of the translation.
    What you have to do now is: upload the .mo and .po files to your site to their location: wp-photo-album-plus/langs/
    If you are confident with the result, please mail them to me as an attachment (preeferably all four files but at least the .po files) and i will distribute them together with the plugin, so other users can use them also.

Important notice:

At every new revision release, all the .po files will be updated to contain the right words/sentences.
The translations may be incomplete: you will see the original (english) text for untranslated phrases, but do not press the globe (= update original sourcetext) in the poedit window as this has been done by me and must be done in the proper configuration.
I have seen people loosing 90% of their text by making mistakes here.

If you want to completize the existing translation, just open it with poedit and add the new phrases in your language, save, install and send them to as usual.


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