Displaying a single album

If you want to display only one album, you could enter the text:


That will give the following result:

Child album

This is a child album
It's parent is "Second album"

Alternatively you might want to display the contents rather than the cover of the specific album.
Try this:


That will give the following result:

WPPA+ Tutorial Displaying a single album

First album

This is the description of the first album. It has a € sign in the description.

Second album

Just another album
You can even have a link here!

Album # 4

This is album four. It has (') and (") quotes in its description as well as html.


A contribution from wlukas
This album displays the thumbnails in the alternative size

Note that you can display any album this way. It may be a top-level parent album, a (grand)child album or even an album that does not show up in your generic photo album display.

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